How to get rid of dead skin on the face

There are many ways that will help us get rid of the dead skin. First, consult your doctor to find out the main cause of the dead skin and take medication for treatment, whether it is peeling or peeling drugs containing alpha-water. Which will moisten the face and clean it, and we do a facial emery.

In addition, a small amount of olive oil is applied to the face, then using the soft toothbrush, mix equal amounts of sugar with olive oil or baby oil, then put it on the face and rub it gently for two minutes, then wash the face with lukewarm water.
A paste of oatmeal, honey, and zinone oil should be made, rubbed lightly on the face, and fruits are used to rub the skin, specifically papaya or orange seeds, and a paste of cinnamon and pumpkin. Apply 20 to 30 minutes. Of half a cup of mashed gourd with half a teaspoon of cinnamon, and then wash the face with lukewarm water.

Benefits of Acacia Honey for Health

Acacia honey offers many great health benefits, including acacia honey, which has antiseptic properties, and acacia honey (or honey in general) has strong natural antiseptic properties. According to some research, honey is considered as a natural antimicrobial. It contains hydrogen peroxide It is a strong natural disinfectant.

Hydrogen peroxide is also produced with the help of an enzyme called pollenase, a enzyme produced by the bees called glucose oxides, which synthesizes hydrogen peroxide from glucose. Therefore, the higher the glucose in the honey, the stronger its antimicrobial properties become. Each 100 grams of acacia honey contains 22-38 grams of glucose. See the benefits of honey for skin.

Acacia honey is also acid honey, since its acidity is low and about 3.5, which makes it a natural disinfectant as well, and this low pH prevents the growth of bacteria and so eating acacia honey helps in the treatment of respiratory infections and also helps On wound healing when used locally.

 In addition, its low moisture content also helps to strengthen its antiseptic properties. In addition, it contains other antibacterial agents such as polyphenols, which also help healing.

How to delete samsung account

There are a lot of reasons why a person can delete their account on Samsung, such as selling the device to someone else. In the following steps, we will mention how to delete the account, enter the settings menu on the home page or the list, In the existing menu, when you click on them we have several options for several programs we have an account in, such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

We can also click the Google option, which will show the email address for our account. Click on the account's email address from the options. We choose the option to delete the account at the bottom of the page, and automatically we will see a message stating that deleting the account will delete all the messages, images and all the information that you are on.

We can also continue to click on the next word until we finally delete the account and then press it. However, if the account has been deleted, there will be no way to return it. This is one of the best services it provides, and it is essential that it be activated. It allows adding the phone number to the service, finding it in a lost state, and controlling the device remotely, and closing it.

There is also a family event service, and allows the user to share pictures and thinkers through a limited and limited communication channel, where up to twenty people. File transfer service and data from one device to another after taking a backup.

How to download songs on iPhone

 One of the easiest ways to download songs is to use the iTunes application on your computer by following the steps below. Find the library section, click the Music option in the left pane, One song from the iTunes library, to the iPhone, the user should simply drag and drop them from the main iTunes window to the iPhone icon, located in the right pane under the Devices section.

To transfer multiple songs at once, the user can use the keyboard shortcuts by pressing CTRL, clicking Command Key, using the Mac, selecting the set of songs to be transferred, IPhone (iPhone).

The most important way to download songs on the iPhone via Google Play Another way to download songs on the iPhone is to use the application Google Play, and to be able to require the possession of a Google account, and login to it, and if you log out of the account will remove all downloaded songs , And to download the songs you must follow the following steps Open the application "Google Play Music"

Clicking on the album, or the playlist, clicking on the download button, and note: If you want to stop the download process you can click the download button. How to view songs that have been uploaded to the iPhone The songs that have been uploaded to the iPhone can be viewed by following the steps next to opening the music application on the main screen of the iPhone. Clicking on the Music tab.

The view type dropdown is selected from the menu in the middle of the screen, and the option to allow music playback in offline mode is turned to the playback mode.

How to Download Applications from Apple Store

  Apple Store provides users with the opportunity to download any of the applications presented to it on devices that help the iPhone or iTouch, by doing simple steps, including the opening of Apple Store application on the mobile device, by clicking on the icon of the application, and click on the search option On the bottom of the app's homepage, and then print the keywords for the app to upload in the space for the search option. Keywords are words like toys, calculators, travel, and many more.

In addition, the list of results displayed on the screen will be reviewed, and then the application will be downloaded to the device. By completing the previous step, the page of the selected application will be opened, and what the user should do is click on the download option to download it directly on the device in case It is free, but if the price of the user has to fill in the password for the iTouch account for automatic payment of the price of the application and then loaded on the device.
Download programs from the Father Store without a password by pressing the Settings option on the main phone screen. Click on the General option. Select the Restrictions button, enter a secret number to enable restrictions, and retype it. Select the Password Setting option, and close the Password Required option by pressing the green tag next to the option.

Go to the "Stor", click "Top Free", type in the search box the name of the application you want to download, click the program that you want to download, and click "Free" next to it. Click Install to complete the download, and then press OK to download the program.

The difference between the IOS system and the Android system

There are a lot of differences between the system administrators, including the update of the operating system, where Apple is issuing updates to the IOS system continuously, while there are some manufacturers of hardware running Android system is usually delayed in the modernization of devices, including those who do not update at all.

Of the devices running the system, the IOS is used on Apple devices only, Apple did not sell this system to any other phone company, while Google sold the Android system to many phone companies such as: Samsung, Huawei, LG and other companies, Where Android has become its operating system.

In terms of applications, Google offers 3.5 million applications through Google Play, while Apple offers 2.1 million applications via Apple Store, as Apple sets strict conditions to allow the deployment of iOS applications, not in Android applications.

Remove viruses from mobile phone

 If a user is aware of a virus on his or her Android mobile phone, they can follow the following steps to remove malicious programs, including running the device in the "Safe mode" mode, to prevent any non-system programs from working, including the virus, Activating the "Safe Mode" mode on most phones by pressing the power button on the phone and then pressing the button again for a period of time until a screen shows the option to restart the device in the "Safe mode" mode. If this is not successful, Check the steps assigned to the type of mobile phone.

When entering "Safe Mode", the word "Safe Mode" will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Access to Device Settings (English: Settings), then to Apps Settings, then choose the Downloaded Applications tab if not selected, search for any suspicious application, or the application that has broken the device since it was installed , And then press it to open a screen that shows information related to the application.

The application removal button is pressed to remove the virus from the device. If this is not successful, because the delete button is not enabled, it means that the application granted itself administrative properties, and to disable it, exit the application settings and then access the security settings.

 After clicking "Device Administrators", a list of all applications with administrative features will appear. The application will be deactivated by removing the tag next to its name and then pressing the "Deactivate" button on the next screen. App settings and delete the malicious application from the device / Restart the device to exit the "Safe mode" status.