Benefits of celery seeds

Celery seeds contain many phytochemicals, compounds that protect the body from disease effectively. These include: lemons, cormans, bactylides, and epigens. These compounds act to combat inflammation, which can affect any member of the body. Increases the risk of certain health problems such as heart disease and cancer.

As well as help to lower high blood pressure One of the preliminary studies conducted in rats and published in 2013 in the Journal of Medical Food, that the use of celery seeds have effectively contributed to the reduction of blood pressure in mice with high pressure, and had no effect on people who have Normal blood pressure.

In addition, it helps fight cancer. Some studies have shown that celery seed extract has anti-cancer properties, and research in rats has shown that celery seeds have effectively inhibited the development of liver cancer. As one study published in the Asia Pacific Journal, Human cells Celery seeds inhibit the spread of stomach cancer in part, through the death of cells and thus stop the proliferation of cancer cells.
Benefits of celery seeds
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