Benefits of the dates nucleus of the body

The benefits of the nucleus of dates It works to narrow the opening of the vagina in women, specifically after birth and natural, and it alleviates and inhabits the various pains that affect the body, which is: joint pain, pain of teeth, muscle pain, and promote the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, and intensify. Breast milk increases, so it is an effective treatment for lactating women who suffer from poor milk production.

Plus it helps to promote the baby's growth and strengthen his body. It can also be used by mixing five tablespoons of date kernel, a large tablespoon of spelled soup, and five tablespoons of oil. Olive, apply the mixture to the hair, leave it for twenty minutes taking into account the hair cover with a plastic hat, then wash it with lukewarm water.

It also helps to rid the body of exhaustion and fatigue, as it provides energy and vitality. Speed ​​up wound healing. Treat various skin problems, such as: acne, boils, scars, and pimples. It can be used by grinding the nucleus well after roasting, and the eyes are fixed by the nucleus of the nucleus after, and repeat this process on a daily basis. .

Plus it helps to regulate body temperature and thus is considered an effective treatment for high temperature. Eliminates the viruses and bacteria inherent in the body. Increase men's sexual desire, as it increases the level of lust, and increases the strength of the erection. Increases weight, as it increases a person's desire to eat, and therefore is a suitable treatment for people who suffer from thinness. Reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, and contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, and thus maintain the health of the heart.
Benefits of the dates nucleus of the body
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