Benefits of Egyptian beans

One of the benefits of Egyptian beans is that beans contain a substance rich in proteins, vitamins, and mineral salts important for the health of organ functions in the body, such as iron, and phosphorus. Prevents stress, resists stress, and general fatigue. Contains complex chemical compounds, which protect against oral cancer. Sudden heart clots are prevented because of its ability to increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood.

 It also lowers blood pressure in women, especially in menopause. Maintains blood sugar level, for long periods. Contains a range of vitamins that strengthen the immunity of the body, and protect it from infection of various diseases. Stimulates constipation, and reduces the incidence of colon disorders; because it contains natural fibers that are concentrated in the crusts.

 It also provides the body half the amount of iron it needs every day, by eating on one of the three meals, and in sufficient quantity, and with the high protein content, it facilitates the absorption process , And representation of iron in the body.

 In addition, it is considered an economical protein meal, and the cost is simple, and since the amino acids found in the beans plant, it is necessary to add animal protein for the meal, to take the body need it to the fullest, by adding an egg, or a piece of cheese with beans at eater. Cleanses the intestines and stomach, thanks to its natural fibers, and in the quantities of KBI
Benefits of Egyptian beans
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