Benefits of flax tea

One of the benefits of white tea is that it contains a branch of the branch of Alban on many vitamins, minerals, and it contains a low proportion of fat, as it contributes to the treatment of ascites, which is known as the accumulation of fluids in some tissues of the body which causes pain, Bananas in the prevention of infection in this case, because it contains anti-inflammatory.

In addition to treating wounds, it has been found that the extract of the branch of the milk helps to heal the wounds, reduce the effects of wounds, and helps to improve the health of the eyes, as it contains a branch of the branch of Alban to improve the properties of eyesight, because of its components of antioxidants, To reduce the risk of injury from disruption of the functions of the retina, and prevent the increased thickness of the membrane capillaries, and stop the expansion of blood vessels in them.

In addition to helping to protect the liver, the flax plant has shown its ability to protect the liver from damage caused by the use of anti-TB drugs, and can help speed up liver repair. Reduce the risk of cancer, as it can help the extract of the branch of Alban to prevent the development of cancer, and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, because it is yoking on a compound called niacaminin.

In addition, it helps fight bacterial diseases. The extract of the flax plant can help fight the infection caused by mumps, salmonella and E. coli. This extract has anti-fungal, bacterial and microbial properties and contributes to gastric disorders. Bananas extract can help treat constipation, ulcerative colitis, and gastritis. It also contains B vitamins that help digestion and has anti-bacterial properties that help to reduce the growth of pathogens.
Benefits of flax tea
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