Benefits of Green Shumer

One of the benefits of chowder is that it helps protect against anemia or anemia, because it contains iron, and amino acids such as histidine stimulate the production of hemoglobin. It facilitates digestion and eliminates bad breath because it contains stimulants that stimulate the stomach to secrete digestive substances. It also reduces inflammation in the stomach. It also helps to absorb nutrients better. Therefore, it is good to chew chowder after eating. Common in India. The body extracts from abdominal gases and bulges, to contain the chamomar on the acidic sapartic.

It also helps chowder powder to clean the intestines, facilitate bowel movement, and thus prevent constipation. Diarrhea is treated if the bacteria are the main cause, because of the presence of volatile oil substances in the shumer, such as "sinol" and "alanitol", which have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties as well. Shumer helps heal the renal colic and helps to calm it.

It is used to treat disorders and problems related to the respiratory system, such as bronchi congestion, inflammation, and cough. He enters into the manufacture of many varieties of foods such as sweets for his sweet smell. It helps in the production of milk in lactating women. It is possible to take advantage of boiling boiled chamomile roots to treat gingivitis by gurgling with it, or to make compresses of boiling the shomar for the eye if it has conjunctivitis, for example, or when it is stressful. Small powder of the roots to the amount of a cup of boiling water, wait for ten minutes before using it.
Benefits of Green Shumer
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