Benefits of paraffin oil

 One of the benefits of bravim is that he enters paraffin oil in the manufacture of some drugs to give the capsules their hardness, where it is added by a minute must not exceed a certain amount, so as not to harm the body and cause poisoning. Treatment of eczema childish, where a spoon per liter of water, and then put the member with eczema in this water for a quarter of an hour, and then be dried and avoid rubbing.

It also has an effective role in the treatment of bone pain and joint stiffness, where the affected part is dipped in hot water and paraffin oil at a possible temperature for forty minutes. Softens the intestines by mixing a little of it with a glass of water and drinking it, taking into consideration drinking it once a day, as it strengthens the hair, nourishes it and increases its density and treats it, also by putting a little water in it and thinning the hair by leaving it an hour and then washing it.

In addition, it treats skin cracks because it contains a moisturizing substance. It also removes the wrinkles and makes the skin smooth and soft. It also treats the swelling of the knees and its fear. It can be used to paint hands and feet and knees, wait for two hours, wash them with warm water and enter into making ointments to give it a degree. Rigidity and proper cohesion.

It also works to lighten the skin and moisturize and increase its softness, where the skin is painted with this oil and leave for a quarter of an hour, and then washed with warm water. It is used in the manufacture of moisturizing creams, mixed with other oils such as sesame oil and glycerine and then used, but warns against mixing with castor oil to cause it to invalidate its effect, in addition to it can cause damage to the skin. It is useful to enlarge the chest, where mixing equal amounts of paraffin oil, Vaseline and almond oil and the chest is done at night in a circular way, and then cover the chest with a cloth or a bag so that the clothes are not contaminated and left until morning, repeat the process every day to obtain the desired results.
Benefits of paraffin oil
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