Benefits of sandalwood oil

Sandal oil contains many benefits to the body of health, including, as it is a disinfectant for external or internal use, has been proved safe, especially because it did not leave any side effects, it cleanses the skin from the outside if it had any wounds or bruises or blisters And infections of all kinds. Anti-inflammatory; it eliminates fever in the event that it affects the body because of the action of mild, and has an effective effect on the nervous system, especially if the fat directly on the skin.

 In addition, sandal oil is considered a holding material, especially when used directly on the gums, as well as for muscles and pores in the skin. This oil has a wind-repellent effect. It stimulates relaxation of the body, so relaxation affects both muscles The abdomen and also the bowel, to have a direct effect on the gases and not to be.

The sandalwood oil is a diuretic oil, due to the fact that it is the treatment of inflammation, and promotes urination and lactation, and eliminates urinary tract infections, and protects against infections that may be infected by the urinary system. Reduces blood pressure if used in combination with milk or water.
Benefits of sandalwood oil
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