Causes of fatigue

One of the causes of fatigue is not to sleep for enough hours is the main cause of fatigue, because the body needs to sleep enough hours to replenish the cells of the body energy lost during the day, and lack of exercise increases fatigue, and studies have shown that exercise three times a week For a quarter of an hour reduces fatigue, strengthens the body and increases the activity of blood circulation, and provides the body's cells with oxygen and nutrients.

In addition to drinking insufficient amounts of water, and to maintain the vitality of the body must be enough water intake; because the drought causes the lack of blood volume, and the lack of access to the nutrients to the cells, causing fatigue, so must eat adequate amounts of water not less than Eight cups a day.

In addition to the deficiency of the iron component, which causes the feeling of general fatigue, due to the lack of oxygen that reaches the cells, causing a feeling of general weakness, bad mood and lack of concentration, and can increase the amount of iron in the body through food or iron supplements. Desire to do many achievements beyond human capacity, and lack of self-satisfaction causes a permanent feeling of fatigue, so must be put enough time to achieve the goals.

It may occur because of the constant feeling of tension deplets energy and weakens the ability to think, so the human must breathe deeply, exposure to open air and open spaces that relieve tension, and the presence of close friends helps relieve tension, and not eat breakfast causes fatigue; The nutrition needed for cells, which provide the body energy and activity, and breakfast must be integrated, and provide the body with nutrients necessary for activity and vitality, such as whole grains, milk, eggs, and natural fruits.
Causes of fatigue
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