Causes of feeling lazy and lazy

There are many reasons that lead to inactivity and laziness, including what is organic and what is myself, may be because of the need for rest and relaxation. Pregnancy, childbirth and associated fatigue. Diabetes, flu and pneumonia. Heart disease. Anemia, as well as unhealthy eating, full-fat meals make you feel tired and lazy.

In addition, it is caused by dehydration and lack of fluid in the body. Water makes up a large proportion of the cell's components, so when the fluid in the cell decreases, it becomes the ability to carry out functions and tasks, and the lack of exposure to outdoor air and sunlight causes laziness, laziness and fatigue.

In addition, it occurs because of thyroid disorders, where the thyroid controls the metabolic processes in the body, which converts food into energy used by the body in movement and activity, and sitting for long periods, either television or computer, sitting on the body's body for long periods leads to depletion energy. Lack of sleep or intermittent sleep and prolonged periods of sleep.

 Low blood glucose concentration. Stress, anxiety and stress on the body. Stand in the wrong way, which causes the consumption of a lot of energy and then begin to feel lazy and lazy. Exposure to environmental and air pollutants, and excessive exercise, which leads to the consumption of energy in the body and fatigue in the muscles. Depression is the main cause of laziness, lethargy and lack of desire to move.
Causes of feeling lazy and lazy
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