Damage to drugs

There is some damage caused by drugs, namely physical damage loss of appetite for food, where the use of drugs and addiction to anorexia towards eating, which causes wasting, weakness, yellowing of the face and palate, and general weakness of the body, and lack of activity and vitality, headaches, red eyes and imbalance Nervousness of the body. Irritation of the mucous membranes and accumulation of carbonic substances and deposition in the airways, leading to chronic pulmonary infections. Gastroenteritis, which causes indigestion, constipation, bloating, high gas, bloating, gastritis, inability to digest food, pancreatic glaucoma, and obstruction of the body. .

It also causes cirrhosis of the liver and its damage, as the drugs cause the breakdown of liver cells and increase the sugar in them, causing inflammation and stop work. Smashing nerve cells and brain cells, causing intellectual hallucinations, auditory, visual, plus it causes heart disease, and subsequent arterial diseases, blood vessels, angina, also causes high blood pressure, break red blood cells.

In addition, it causes psychological damage, which is a defect in the general perception, especially the auditory and visual perception, which makes the addict see time is slow, and sees the distances between objects longer than normal and size is greater than normal, also occurs hearing impairment. Influence on logical thinking, judgment of things and things in an incorrect way, as accompanied by a lot of hallucinations and delirium.

It also causes tension, anxiety, and constant anger, neglecting cleanliness and general appearance, inability to continue to work and doing the required tasks, causing imbalance and slow general balance, causing some convulsions, difficulty in speech and walking ability, difficulty in expressing what is in The mind of the abuser. Disturbance in the conscience and fluctuation in mood, where the addict after eating drugs with joy and ecstasy, and access to imagination and distance from reality, to turn this feeling after a period of remorse and inactivity and sadness and laziness.
Damage to drugs
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