Damage to the mobile phone during breastfeeding

I do not mean that I am against technology, on the contrary I love my mobile very much, but I love my child more. While Facebook and Twitter remain the same, your baby grows and changes constantly It becomes stronger and smarter. The more time you stare in your eyes, the more you will be bonded.

Second, holding the phone during breastfeeding affects its development, where your child reacts with your look in your face, and if you look at him, you know the meaning of focus, and if you talk to him before or after breastfeeding, you will strengthen his acquisition of the language. Trying to draw your eyes either by staring into your eyes or smiling at you during the feeding in vain, will despair and lose hope that you will respond to him and thus increase your attachment to your lack of tenderness and attention.

Thirdly, you do not follow your child well, and allow you to concentrate while breastfeeding your baby. Follow him and know how to breastfeed. Do you suffer and sneeze during breastfeeding or breastfeed smoothly, do you hold the nipple correctly or not? The role of the cold, and it is better to hurry in his treatment, so as not to deteriorate his condition.

 IV. Your child is exposed to radiation. Tablets and mobile phones are very harmful to the brains of babies, like microwave devices, but the effect of a mobile phone is far greater than the microwave effect, because it has a longer lasting effect and the source of this radiation is closer to the baby. Brain damage, cancer, or interference with the structure of your child's DNA. Radiation also weakens the brain's blood barrier. According to one specialized study, the child's brain absorbs more radiation 10 times that of any adult. On the other hand, infants and toddlers absorb more N so much.
Damage to the mobile phone during breastfeeding
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