Dealing with your baby if he does not breastfeed?

All you have to do is try to wake up to complete some of the breastfeeding through, do not leave it deep in sleep, but try to wake him in the stage of sleep surface, and you can know from the movement of his hand and his man or sucking the lips, or look into his eyes are closed You will find that they move under the eyelid.
Do not keep him warm all the time, even cover him up to notice you during the breastfeeding, and massage his arm and leg and feet, or gently bloated on the face, and you can use a wet cloth and well-rounded to pass it on his face to revive and wake up.

You have to be careful to make the light of the room dimmed, because the strong light makes it close his eyes from the intensity of light, and talk to him and his players so that he can not go to sleep. And change his diaper, this renews his activity and makes him not want to sleep because of movement during the change of nappy , And squeeze during breast-feeding gently on the breast, until the milk comes down and fill the mouth of your baby Vntbh and swallowed.
Dealing with your baby if he does not breastfeed?
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