Drinking coffee with milk

 Drinking milk can damage the teeth and cause tooth decay. Lactose sugar in milk increases the bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria convert sugars and carbohydrates into acid. This acid damages tooth enamel and may cause decay and necrosis. To avoid this problem, Water after drinking coffee with milk especially employees who continue to drink during working hours, can also eat sugar-free chewing gum even help in the flow of saliva that will wash the bacteria, and cleans the mouth of acidity.

Some people think that coffee is healthier without mixing it with milk. Coffee helps cells clean themselves of toxins, helps the body get rid of damaged cells, and coffee may lose this property when mixed with milk. Milk contains animal proteins that may prevent or Reduces the body's use of the self-cleaning process caused by coffee, so it is recommended not to drink coffee with milk or to replace it with vegetable milk, such as soy milk or coconut milk.

It may also cause coffee to mix with milk, but it is difficult to digest and feel uncomfortable because the caffeine in the coffee will combine with the substance of the case in the milk, which is a difficult combination in the stomach and intestines. Absorption will become difficult, in which case it is preferable to dispense with milk and the habit of drinking coffee and milk without mixing them with some of the benefit of the body of both drinkers.
Drinking coffee with milk
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