Foods for your child when he reaches the first year

In contrast to what is common, the child should not be given acidic fruits such as oranges before the age of one year, because they may cause gastrointestinal disorder, preferably delayed by the baby's carrying, but some You can give him or her orange slices that are rich in vitamin C for your child's health, while you can give your child diluted orange juice after the sixth month, and do not exceed the amount given (180 ml) daily.

You can also provide bovine milk that contains not only the amount of iron suitable for the child to grow, but also contains high levels of proteins and some minerals that are difficult for the child to digest, it is not recommended before the age, and only provide dairy products such as yogurt and some types of cheese only . This changes after the child has passed his or her first year, which poses no danger to the child.

In addition to honey, although there are some recommendations from the Health Organization not to provide honey to children until the age of two years, but a number of doctors do not mind presenting after the end of the first year, with emphasis on not offering honey or food containing before the first year , Because it contains harmful bacteria can cause very serious food poisoning, destroy the immune system of children before the age of the year.
Foods for your child when he reaches the first year
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