For ivory constipation in infants

Your baby may be constipated, and because this is a hard time to express himself, there are some signs that alert you to the suffering of your child such as crying and stool out in a very solid and in a few quantities, and because constipation has health damage, here are some natural ways to help you Treatment.

You can change the type of milk, since it is possible that one of the components of artificial milk, which is fed by your child, is caused by bulging or constipation or that it causes allergies, so try to change the type used.

In addition to eating your baby vegetables and fruits mashed, if your baby at an age that can eat some mashed foods, and you can enter him in his food fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, such as boiled apples after peeling and peaches, broccoli and carrots, It helps to treat constipation, and be careful to give it. If your baby is under 6 months of age, it is not advisable to introduce solid food.

You should also provide liquids to your child, so as to continuously moisturize the bowel is very important for the treatment of constipation, so rely on natural juices feeder to treat your baby, such as peach juice or pear, and this is appropriate for your baby at the age of 4 to 6 months.

In addition, you must exercise for your baby, which helps to treat your baby from constipation, just hold his feet and move them from the back to the front, which speeds up the digestion process.
For ivory constipation in infants
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