Home Remedies To Stop Bleeding

There are many home remedies that can be applied to help stop bleeding in minor wounds, including snow. Snowing over the area of ​​the wound helps to constrict the blood vessels. This helps to increase blood clotting speed and relieve the swelling of the wound. Dry and clean cloth and put it on the wound, do not put the snow directly on the wound.

As well as tea, the use of tea bags to stop bleeding in the teeth of common home remedies, and can be used bags of green tea or black tea, as tea helps to stop bleeding because it contains the substance of tannins that stimulate blood clotting, and because of its clogging of blood vessels, The properties of the sterile tannins material help to cleanse the wound from bacteria and prevent infection.

Vaseline can also be used. Many cosmetics contain Vaseline, an oil and wax substance, and are commonly used in cases of bleeding caused by minor injuries. The laro plant is located in many parts of the world. It belongs to the family of Achilles and is believed to be used by ancient Greek warriors in the treatment of bleeding from wounds. One study showed the effectiveness of this plant in the treatment of bleeding when tested in rats. Nut Hazel: Grow a charming hazelnut plant.
Home Remedies To Stop Bleeding
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