How does your child's curiosity develop?

Curiosity is a trait in which your child is born and develops with him as he advances in age. A newborn child usually follows sounds, faces and any other striking objects that may appear in front of him, and the eighth month begins to move his toys and shake them to see what sounds may sound. For example, you will notice that he often puts everything in his mouth.

As the child begins to walk, he becomes bolder in exploring the world. He finds him standing on the chairs and trying to climb up to the table, or often finds him holding the phone and pressing the buttons even if he does not know her job. Do not be surprised if you find your son contacting your boss or mother-in-law. May Allah reward you.

As the second year of the child becomes a collector of garbage, he collects everything that appears on his way and puts it somewhere else to know what will happen to him in the new place, so do not be surprised when you find him collecting all his games and put them in the washing machine.
How does your child's curiosity develop?
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