How to build a child's self confidence

One of the most important ways to help build the same strength is that love must be expressed unconditionally and generously. The child needs compassion and affection, leaving enough space for him to express his feelings, listening to him attentively, taking into consideration his feelings and taking them into consideration. Always inside.

It is also necessary to stay away from the negative and negative sentences that parents cast on their children without knowing the amount of psychological harm caused by these words, resulting in the child's distortion of his image of himself, he believes everything that is said to him, but he will address himself in the same way he addresses him His parents, when exposed to a problem, see himself as incompetent to try to solve it, and trust in his abilities, dominated by negative expressions full of surrender, such as I can not, and led, and afraid of, followed by a state of self-incapacity and frustration.

In addition to criticizing the unwanted behaviors of the child, not criticizing the child himself, such as beating your brother inappropriate behavior instead of saying you are a naughty child, directing the observation on the behavior of the child maintains self-esteem with the delivery of guidance required, Reduces the intrinsic value of the child's personality.

Parents should not be discouraged from the behavior of others and sometimes overlooked, with the importance of agreement between mother and father in making decisions concerning their children. The father can be characterized by cruelty while the mother is soft. His own decisions, such as the games he wants to play, or the clothes he will wear, by putting all the options available to him and explain them, and explain the implications, and leave him the freedom to choose the decision he deems appropriate, while respecting this decision, and if taken an inappropriate decision must E The reason for rejecting his decision in a logical and convincing manner commensurate with the age of the child, it raises his confidence in his ideas and skills by choosing what is appropriate for himself.
How to build a child's self confidence
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