How to deal with a stubborn and nervous child

In order to deal with the stubborn child, rules and laws must be established to provide a harmonious and balanced environment for children, in which the consequences of correct and incorrect behaviors are determined. The parents must be careful about the laws and rules that govern the behavior and behavior of their children, so that they will not behave when they feel angry. Or dissatisfaction with anything. For example, children should know that shouting at their parents is forbidden, that doors are forbidden, and that property is thrown away. Only in this way will they learn how to control their feelings and reactions.

In addition to being negotiated with children, some children act stubbornly and nervously to get what they want. Parents can address this child's way by negotiating with him and discussing why he or she needs this or that. For example, such questions are asked to the child: How I can help you, why you feel angry, what you need, and other questions that will give the child a feeling that he is strong and that there is a deal between him and the parents will satisfy both parties

 It also helps to promote positive behavior Parents must be keen to enhance the child's motivation to do positive and balanced behaviors away from stubbornness and nervousness, by praising him and offering gifts and prizes to him every time he behaves in a polite and good manner, and can increase this reinforcement A way of putting a table in which they place stars for every good behavior he does, and then buy him a present each time the table is filled with stars.

In addition to working with the child, the parents can be treated with nervousness and their children's intransigence by participating in some motor and physical activities that will make their behavior more healthy and balanced, such as practicing various mental and athletic exercises. Parents should also ensure that their children participate in these activities and other things they want Their children to do, in order to motivate them to do and increase the spirit of challenge they have, instead of their support and forced to do by giving the formula of the order that will increase the child's stubbornness and nervousness.
How to deal with a stubborn and nervous child
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