How to get rid of the blackness of the knee

 One of the ways to help hide the blackness of the knee is to rub the knees with a peeling cream, or with brown sugar with olive oil, with circular motions. Wash the knee, and rub it with a towel until it dry. Apply a moisturizer specially made for dry skin, and cover it with a plastic bag to make sure that the humidifier has been fully absorbed, then removed and disposed of. Note: The blackness of the knees is due to the accumulation of a thick layer and dry them, and the skin in these areas is thicker and dry than anywhere else on the body, because of the great pressure on it.

Lemon, where you can get rid of the blackness of the knees through the use of lemon by rubbing lemon pulp and juice on the dark spots in the knees, and left on the knees for 10 minutes, it is worth noting that should be avoided on any wounds or scratches in the knee, Cause burning sensation in the skin.

It can also be used to remove the blackness of the knee using aloe vera gel, where the natural cactus gel can be used on the black knee, this helps reduce the damage caused by the sun, and moisturizes the skin, and helps to avoid the appearance of more black spots on the skin, can be placed aloe vera gel on knees and elbows , And leave it for at least thirty minutes before rinsing.

It is also a way to use vinegar and yogurt, which is one of the recipes that help to whiten the knees are mixing vinegar with yogurt together, where you can add a few tablespoons of vinegar to normal yogurt, and placed on the dark spots, and left to dry, and then rub them circular movements for a few minutes, , Which helps vinegar and yogurt to get rid of black spots in the knees, and moisturize the skin significantly, so that the skin is soft and more soft and lighter.
How to get rid of the blackness of the knee
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