How to protect your son from getting cold

 To protect your child from colds during the fall season, you can get the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine protects against several different types of flu viruses and colds. Even in the case of HIV, the symptoms are less severe than if you do not get the vaccine. To get it before the end of October, but do not mind getting it after that. It is recommended to everyone every year at the same time, especially those suffering from chronic diseases, but it is especially recommended for children and infants at the age of six months or older, because children less than this age can not get it.

If you notice any symptoms such as colds, sneezes or sore throat, you should take appropriate treatment for the symptom immediately after consulting your doctor. The sooner the intervention, the faster the prevention and treatment of the virus. Effectiveness whenever taken early.

You can also eat foods rich in probiotics daily, including yoghurt and some types of cheese, vegetables and fruit, a component that enhances the immunity of the body to resist various viruses, and must sleep for hours enough to get the body rest for him to do work, makes it stronger against viruses, and helps to resist When attacking the body.

You can also take coconut oil with the onset of symptoms on your child. You can give him a tablespoon of coconut oil before sleeping, to quickly wipe out the virus and return to normal activity, and follow the hygiene instructions The cleaning instructions may seem easy and obvious to you, but may not be so for your child. Remember it from time to time, because it is the easiest way to protect it, including washing your hands frequently throughout the day, especially outside the house, keeping in mind to continue washing for 20 seconds.
How to protect your son from getting cold
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