How to remove traces of wounds

One of the ways to remove the effects of old wounds, and ways to massage, where daily massage helps to eliminate the effects of burns on the skin, which helps to stimulate blood circulation on the move, which contributes to the distribution of collagen across the skin well and equally, and can use the sun visor , Where the sun visor protects against the deterioration of the effects of burns, which should be placed when exposed to the sun to protect the skin from UV rays that prevent the healing of the effects of wounds.

You can also use bananas to remove the effects of wounds, can use bananas to treat the effects of burns through the banana fruit mashed, then covered the scar, and repeat the process daily to get the best results, can be used lemon juice can use lemon juice, which contains vitamin C, which contributes In treating the effects of burns by massage the infected area in it for two minutes and daily.

Radish and thermos can be used, where the effects of ancient wounds can be removed by mixing a small amount of thermos and other radish, then the mixture is placed on the area that is suffering from old scars. A few leaves of the hazelnut tree in a liter of boiling water, and left for a quarter of an hour. After this period is filtered, waiting until it becomes warm and then the places where the traces of old wounds are cleared.
How to remove traces of wounds
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