How to tighten your neck

The hot massage helps the skin of the neck to repair wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin. Hot massage helps to renew the skin of the neck and makes it smoother, flexible and soft. Hot massage stimulates the production of collagen, which increases cellular regeneration and repair. The skin of the neck becomes more taut than before.

 Stretch exercises or neck exercises can also be a noticeable change in the skin of the slack neck when combined with scientific exercises. It involves continuous stretching and relaxation of facial and muscle tissues. This helps to stimulate the muscles and cells around the neck, The formation of collagen is therefore stimulated around the entire neck area, and the end result is a skin tightening with fewer signs of aging and aging such as wrinkles and sagging.

It can also be used to maintain the ideal weight of the body. It is considered a preventive treatment. This is because weight gain causes the skin to expand and when weight is followed by loss of weight, it slows the skin and thus maintains the ideal weight of the skin. For rapid weight gain and rapid weight loss.

  The neck can be tightened with the option paste to tighten the neck skin. The benefits of the option are a deep moisturizing factor. The option helps to deep moisturize the flaccid neck cells, which helps to renew the skin cells of the shrinking neck and re-fill the neck again, and the skin appears tighter.
How to tighten your neck
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