Learn about the most important benefits of Al-Sidr herb

It is used as a scrubber, by mixing it with a watermelon and milk, and then mixing them together well until you notice the release of the soap and then rubbing the body and leave it for a period of time, you will notice that your skin has become soft and shiny at the same time, It also cleans your skin deeply, and with it, it helps to unify and brighten your complexion. Then moisturize your body with the proper moisturizer, and notice that the difference between using it as a wash and the difference between using it as a peeler is the amount of water. As a wash.

As well as used to remove the annoying scalp from the head, the paper is used for the purpose of breaking broken bones. It helps to eliminate the annoying sputum. It also helps to prevent diarrhea. Seder leaves help treat some skin diseases such as scabies and relieve the spread of pimples.

Seder powder can be used as a good solvent for your skin instead of using chemicals. It removes dirt, disinfects and sterilizes it. You can mix it with water well until you remove the soap from it, massage your body and leave it a bit. Your body, and get hydrated.

It also helps to soak the Sidr leaves in the treatment of joint pain, as well as inflammation of the gums and mouth, can make a mask of Sidr for the purpose of tightening the skin, but be careful when put as a mask not to talk or laugh while you put it, so that you do not have wrinkles on your skin, For a long stay on your face, do not let it dry for a long period of time so that it does not cause you wrinkles either, and make it only about 20 minutes, or dry it on your skin somewhat.
Learn about the most important benefits of Al-Sidr herb
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