Learn about onions

Of the benefits contained in onions, it helps to strengthen immunity, where the immune system is the mechanism to defend our body and the immune system ensures the health of non-infection diseases as a result of bacteria and fungi and infection, and we find that the nature of many natural means that help us to fight free radicals from catching The onion is one of those natural ways to build a strong immune system, because the onion contains vitamin C, which is the reason to protect our body from many of the same diseases. You can also get it from onion powder.

In addition, the onion prevents cancer, as the free radicals that infect our body helps the abnormal growth of the cells of the body causing cancer, and cancer is a disease that continues to grow and therefore the prevention is the treatment and eating helps to reduce the chances of hummus is the best solution, On substances such as keracetin and other flavonoids that help fight free radicals, as well as the sulfur in the onion helps also to combat the effects of cancer.

As onions clean the body of toxins, and cleaning the body of toxins has become a common thing these days and is considered very necessary for our bodies. As cleaning the body of toxins helps our bodies to get rid of many of the toxic substances and bad cholesterol resulting from bad eating habits and less exercises. Onions are an excellent means of keeping our bodies free from toxins.

As onions help in the process of producing oxidants, and help some vegetables such as broccoli and onion body in the production of oxidants, and the production of oxidants is the best way to prevent the effect of free radicals, studies showed the ability of onions to help the body in the production of glutathione, Cancer keeps the heart healthy.
Learn about onions
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