Lifestyle factors that help mixed skin owners

It is possible for mixed skin owners to have some lifestyle changes that may help maintain your skin's balance. These factors have to moisten the inside out. The biggest challenge for those with mixed skin is to get enough hydration without filling the pores, You can also get hydration from the inside using essential fatty acids. Eat more salmon, walnuts, flaxseeds, and more fish oil and flax seed oil.

In addition, you must avoid harsh detergents, where some compounds such as sulfur, alcohol and soap can remove natural oils from your skin. You may think this will be beneficial to the T area, but in fact, these compounds will help produce more oil. It is therefore best to stay away from harsh chemical compounds.

Exercise can also help you to pump blood and improve blood circulation. This helps to transport food directly to your skin. Exercise: Stress and stress can affect your skin in the area. Oily or dry. Try meditation, yoga, tai chi, reading magazines and listening to music to get rid of tension and stress.

You should also avoid products that cause clogged pores. When you choose skin care products and make up products, always choose products that are suitable for oily or complex skin. Avoid using moisturizers that are made in an oil base such as mineral oils in all skin products, especially moisturizers and foundation cream.
Lifestyle factors that help mixed skin owners
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