Protein damage to hair

 Despite the benefits of a protein that does not exist, as it helps to activate the cancer cells in the scalp, because some products contain toxic formalin, which causes congestion in the nose, red eyes when burned or exposed to heat.

 In addition, it works on the weight of the hair, weaken its structure, increase its fall, and reduce its density, especially in the case of the application of large amounts of protein, exceeding the need for hair, and causes allergies to the scalp, and thus irritation, and the emergence of rash, and itching continuous,

Plus it reduces the gloss of hair, makes it more prone to damage, and shelling. Due to the effect of protein over time, the scalp dries out the proportion of fat released by the scalp, which burns the hair, so it is recommended to use protein therapy in specialized centers, under the supervision of experts.
Protein damage to hair
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