\Safe ways to treat a child's nose blockage

Many children are exposed to the problem of clogged nose frequently, because of their immunity compared to the older ones, which may cause them to be unable to breathe normally because they can not breathe only through the nose, the most important ways:
You can use the saline solution available to pharmacies to treat the problem of obstruction of your baby's nose by placing the child on his back in a straight form, and then put your hands under his neck if possible, and keep his head tilted back slightly, put 2-3 drops of brine In each opening of the nose opening, if any spray from the nose, gently wipe it with a paper napkin.

The hot steam bath can be used to treat your child by exposing him to a hot steam bath of chamomile. The steam helps reduce the mucus in your baby's nose and reduces exposure to allergens such as perfume and scented odors, especially if He was an allergist, and you can also use the nasal ligaments available in pharmacies that help open the nose and breathe better during sleep.

You can use a nasal suction, if your baby is still in the infancy, you can use a manual or electric nose swab by inserting it into one of the nostrils to suck the mucus inside.
\Safe ways to treat a child's nose blockage
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