The benefits of healthy forage seeds

In the case of a shortage of human food fiber, some specialists advise to eat foods, including the seeds of the kettle; because it contains a large proportion of this element; fiber is important in facilitating the digestion and output, and Necessary for their daily existence in human food.

In addition, it absorbs excess water and excess waste from the stomach and intestines. The fibers are able to absorb such substances before they leave the body with the residues, and may be useful, according to studies, to treat obesity problems because they feel Human fullness and fullness quickly, although contained a small amount of calories.

It also helps to regulate the cholesterol levels in the body and keep them within the normal limit; they contain a low proportion of cholesterol and fat while it is rich in fiber, which is also recommended for people with diabetes, and helps to prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease; Ability to lower blood pressure.

[1] Some studies suggest that they may protect against colon cancer. The main reason for this is that they supply the body with large quantities of newly discovered dietary fiber that have an important role in preventing this cancer. For the same reason, these seeds may be an effective treatment for colon syndrome Irritable fibers, as the soluble fiber available in them leads to the elimination of symptoms of the disease.
The benefits of healthy forage seeds
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