The benefits of Turkish coffee

One of the benefits of Turkish power is that it helps coffee improve the functioning of blood vessels in the body, by increasing the production of nitric oxide, which in turn improves muscle strength in the body. Improves the level of cholesterol in the blood; so for a high percentage of antioxidants, which help to protect the heart from many diseases and health problems.

In addition, it increases the strength of the reaction, especially in athletes, because the caffeine in it helps to improve the skills and stimulate the body, in addition to it reduces the risk of some cancers as liver cancer, because it contains paracetanine, which slows the growth of cancer cells in the liver , As well as protect the liver from fibrosis.

It also reduces the risk of diabetes and reduces the effect of toxic amyloid in the body. Protects against Parkinson's disease, which causes dysfunction and disorder in the motor system, which also affects brain cells. Prevent tooth decay, and prevent the growth of bacteria that cause decay. Reduces the symptoms of headaches, reducing the volume of blood vessels, which reduces headache pain. Helps maintain the health of the skin; because it contains antioxidants rid the skin of free radicals, and also protects against skin cancer.
The benefits of Turkish coffee
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