Treatment of nasal bleeding

One of the most important home remedies to stop nosebleeds is the treatment of nasal bleeding in oils, where aromatic cypress oil is usually used to treat nasal bleeding and other wounds because it contains the holding properties that can cure bleeding, and essential lavender oil can be used as it stimulates the healing of ruptured blood vessels.

As can be treated nosebleed nosebleed, where practitioners used Chinese medicine using the fumes rising from the juice of onions to facilitate coagulation and blood clotting and stop bleeding, and you will need a quarter of the fruit of onions, and a piece of cotton all you have to do by sprinkling onions and squeezed until you get the juice , Dipping a piece of cotton in the onion juice and put it in the nostril for 3 to 4 minutes.

 The nose is treated with cold compresses. The ice cubes help to shorten the time the body needs to clot, which helps to stop the bleeding in a faster time. You will need a few ice cubes, a soft towel, all you need is ice cubes in a towel Apply gently to the nose, gently press the ice cubes on the nose for 4 to 5 minutes, and repeat this method every few hours if the nasal bleeding does not stop.

Vitamin E can help treat nosebleeds during dry winter months. You can keep the nasal membranes more moisturized by using vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is a very good moisturizer for the skin. This natural treatment works very effectively to prevent and stop bleeding of the nose.
Treatment of nasal bleeding
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