What are the causes of involuntary urination

Causes of urinary incontinence may cause urinary incontinence, but other symptoms may cause this condition, both in adults and in children. Hormonal imbalances can be the cause of this problem; such as an imbalance in the hormone Anti-diuretic.

Side effects are also caused by the use of certain medications. Small bladder size. Urinary tract infection, tension, fear, or lack of feeling safe. Neurological disorders, for example after stroke, and diabetes; another disorder that can cause incontinence, because the bodies of people with diabetes can not properly handle glucose-glucose so more urine is produced.

 Enlarged prostate gland. Sleep Apnea. Constipation, sex, and heredity are factors that affect urinary incontinence, especially if the urinary incontinence is prolonged in infancy. Kidney disease. Bladder Cancer. Prostate Cancer.
What are the causes of involuntary urination
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