What are the hormones of happiness

Happiness is a group of hormones that are present in blood, and it commands the brain to release these hormones more than others. These hormones, such as serotonin, also known as the hormone happiness, and is obtained during exposure to sunlight, and eating some foods that increase Of proportion, body quality, and exercise.

Dopamine, a hormone that can be found in women in particular, by eating chocolate and cocoa, and hormone Andorphinz, which gives this hormone good mood and depression, and is obtained by exercise, On the body to calm the body, energy and relaxation, where the person is hungry in the event of lack of this hormone in the blood, and prefer to eat some foods sporadically and a few amounts so as not to increase the proportion of blood, making the symptoms occur in reverse, and thus affect the body in reverse as felt Boredom, nervousness, Boredom.

Most hormones affect happiness. Serotonin is one of the hormones that make up the largest proportion of feeling happy because of its normal presence in the brain, platelets, and digestive system. This hormone is a carrier of the state of nerve impulses, and works to narrow the blood vessels, and the origin of its composition to the presence of amino acid tryptophan.
What are the hormones of happiness
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