What are the masks for oily skin

One of the most important oily skin maskers using lemon is the yoghurt of the way we can use the lemon to make those handkerchiefs, the oily skin massage with lemon and yogurt. The citric acid found in the lemon helps control the oil secretions of the skin; the yogurt on the other hand contains Lactic acid, which acts as a natural cleaner and removes dead skin cells and excess oils that help the emergence of grains.

It can also be used to massage the skin of fatty biking Soda and lemon, and Biking Soda excellent for fatty skin and pores clogged it maintains the balance of PH level in the skin, which is necessary in the fight against acne; and lemon acts as an antibacterial, which prevents skin problems and controls the secretion of oils and helps Skin whitening . This catcher also helps to eliminate oily skin

 The fatty skin can also be used in lemon and turmeric, as it can be used as a natural peeler for fatty skin and also helps to cleanse oily skin. In this catcher, we use flour, which helps to remove dead skin cells, accumulated oils and dust from pores; turmeric, which works on its bactericidal and grain fights, and removes the effects of the sun; and milk that contains lactic acid, which acts as a cleaner for humans and lemons.
What are the masks for oily skin
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