What are the ways to maintain hair

There are many effective ways to maintain and maintain hair healthy. You should trim hair regularly. Short hair should be cut every 4 to 8 weeks and long hair every 6 to 12 weeks. Hair cutting helps to grow it. This helps remove damaged hair and squeezed limbs. This promotes hair growth from the roots, and the limbs become smoother and more flexible.

Vitamins, proteins and iron are the most important things to help the growth of hair and give the required gloss, so you should choose the right food that contains all these important elements and prefer to drink sufficient amounts of water to maintain its moisture.

The hair can be treated with care. Care must be taken with the appropriate hair brush and gently combed to keep it from breaking. The proper and original hair creams should be used to keep the hair shiny and use natural oils to keep the hair shiny and smooth.
What are the ways to maintain hair
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