Benefits and uses of anemones

One of the benefits of anemones is that it helps reduce aches and pains related to the colon and its disorders by drinking the drenched. Remove leprosy, if you drink it or place it on the affected area. Treatment of many eye diseases in the case of drinking or impregnation, it is able to treat the darkness of the eye, and the effects of sores, and tumors warm, and white eye, especially in children, and strengthen the ability to see.

In addition, it helps to heal and treat wounds ulcers by placing them on the infected site. Healing the face of the grain spread in it, especially the inflamed grains. Healing from insomnia. Purification of the brain; in the case of inhalation of water from its roots.

It also helped to heal the sore nose quickly. Clear the chest and respiratory tracts of phlegm in the case of chewing its plant or drinking its soaked. Treatment of cough of the throat and asthma. Increase the color of black hair by mixing with green walnuts, and reduce the increase of nervous activity, by drinking drenched.

It also helps to maintain the health of the skin, and the freshness, moisturizing, and softness, and this can be achieved by bringing three of them, and drying them under the sun, and then grind them to become powder, and mixed with a large hanging of rose water, and a quarter teaspoon of tea, then Put it on the face for an hour, then wash it using cold water, and the result will get a vital and moisturizing face.
Benefits and uses of anemones
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