Benefits of Albothrin herb

 It is used in the treatment of some cases of acute and chronic indigestion in addition to it dwells pain colic, and works to expel the worms through drinking boiling boiled Albothteran, and is useful for women at the time of menstruation as it relieves pain in addition to it reduces the cases of epilepsy and hysteria from During boiling the roots of the oysters three times a day.

In addition, it is used in the treatment of laryngeal pain, haemorrhagic haemorrhage or urinary haemorrhage, by soaking leaves and using gargle for the throat, washing root boils for hemorrhoids, helping to treat intestinal cramps, And externally works to heal wounds, or skin rash, and oil with oyster oil.

In addition, it helps to reduce blood sugar by drinking drenched leaves and bothorn flowers three times a day. It regulates the menstrual cycle by eating boiled Bootharan roots several times in small amounts throughout the day.

He also works on tummy tucking by taking dandruff of the oyster leaves. He also works to soothe the muscles through the oil of the pusturian oil, mixed with olive oil, and reduces the high temperature through fat with oily oil and sesame oil.
Benefits of Albothrin herb
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