Benefits of peach leaves

 The benefits of the peach tree are not limited to fruits only, but their leaves have many great benefits. One of the benefits is to treat tension and anxiety by boiling a teaspoon of dried and grated peach leaves. After boiling, cool and then drain and drink one cup a day.

It also helps to produce urine, menstrual pain and bladder pain and inflammation, where the drink from the previous mixture the amount of four cups a day. To treat jaundice, constipation, stomachworms and cough, drink one cup of the previous mixture before each main meal, separating the cup and the meal half an hour, and drink another cup before sleeping.

It is also used for the treatment of burns, is made of the aforementioned drink compresses, and placed on the place of burning Fezol. To treat wounds and ulcers, take a few dried and crushed peach leaves and sprinkle on the wound site three times a day.
Benefits of peach leaves
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