Benefits of red grape vinegar

It is used in folk medicine to treat nail fungus, to treat head lice and warts, but these uses are not scientifically proven so far. Its use as an antiseptic for wounds, burns and sores is due to about 400 years BC, as it has been in these medical treatments since the time of Hippocrates and contemporary to the present day, and recommends modern scientific research using vinegar in the preparation of food, and not applied directly on the skin to treat burns, and advised not to be used to clean houses against pathogens, Money chemical detergents because they are more effective and powerful in eliminating microbes.

Vinegar can also be used to clean the dentures; it works effectively to cleanse it, disinfectant is safe for individuals, and diluted vinegar can be used to treat ear infections such as otitis, otolaryngitis, and eardrum, but it may cause skin irritation in the surrounding area , And vinegar is used in coastal areas to discourage the work of harmful substances produced by jellyfish stings, and can be immersed in the hot water area to temper the work of harmful substances through the heat.

Some studies have shown that vinegar can regulate glucose levels in the blood if eaten with foods. It also treats type 2 diabetes by increasing cell sensitivity to insulin and lowering blood sugar levels after a meal, due to acetic acid capacity In the vinegar to reduce the process of digestive digestion in the digestive system, which makes it pass through the various parts of the digestive system without being digested, which means not to filter and return through the blood.

It is also possible to combine vinegar in the diet for the treatment of diabetes type II, it is cheap price, and taste palatable with food, and some studies have shown that eating vinegar in the morning meal gives a sense of satiety throughout the day, which leads to the consumption of a lower rate of calories during the day, It is recommended to add vinegar to breakfast for people who want to lose weight and promote overall health.
Benefits of red grape vinegar
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