Causes of coarseness of the knee

One of the causes of knee stiffness is the aging of the cartilage's ability to recover with age. Weight gain: This increases the pressure on the joints of the body in general, as the weight increase in the amount of one kilogram increases the pressure on the knees by 3-4 kg.

It may be due to the presence of genetic factors, since when there are certain genetic mutations may increase the chance of the incidence of coarseness of the knee, and may result in inherited disorders in the form of bone to expose him more to the severity of the knee. The chance of getting roughness of the knee increases in women when they reach more than 55 years of age.

In addition to repeated exposure to stress injuries: This occurs to the professions that require too much movement, such as lifting heavy weights, which is a continuous pressure on the knee, which more exposure to the incidence of roughness. The severity of knee stiffness is also high among athletes, such as soccer players or tennis players, because of their frequent running in these sports, so they must be careful not to damage the knee.

In addition, doctors are advised to exercise regularly and moderate to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee. The weakness of these muscles may contribute to the severity of the knee, and suffering from conditions that increase the chance of stiffness of the knee: rheumatoid arthritis, or increase iron in the body , Or excessive growth hormone secretion.
Causes of coarseness of the knee
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