Causes of low blood

Of the causes that lead to reduced blood disease, pregnancy, due to the expansion of blood veins especially during the first months of pregnancy occurs a decrease of 5-10 mmHg in systolic, 10-15 mmHg decrease in diastolic. As a result of heart disease, narrowing of the valves and arteries, or the result of a heart attack, or heartbeat disorder.

It may occur because of hormonal disorders caused by a dysfunction of the thyroid gland, by an abnormality of the renal gland, by a decrease in insulin secretion, and by droughts, which occur in the body due to insufficient water intake or due to loss of fluids Body through sweating, tired physical exertion, vomiting, or diarrhea.

It may occur because of trauma, in which there is a lack of watery fluids containing blood in the blood vessels, and side effects of medications, such as diuretics, medicines to treat prostate enlargement, and symptoms associated with low blood pressure rotor and dizziness.
Causes of low blood
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