Damage to ground soybeans

Of the damage caused by ground soybeans that lead to the risk of infertility, and this result emerged through many experiments and research conducted by universities and laboratories for infertility, and explained that the excessive intake of soybeans ground may lead to infertility; Percentage of estrogen, a female sex hormone, and increase the proportion of this hormone reduces the strength of sperm in men, leading to reproductive problems, and may cause excessive intake of prostate cancer.

It also causes the risk of dementia and mental problems when too much to eat, and may also cause warp in the beak of the bird that takes the soy, but the result is still under study and study has not been confirmed, and expose the person to the colic.

It also causes the fetus to become susceptible to genital mutations when the woman is taking soybeans during pregnancy; because it contains a large amount of phytoestrogens, so soybeans should be avoided in different forms by pregnant women only after consultation with a specialist.

Reducing oocytes in women, affecting the fertility process, and thus reducing the chances of pregnancy and making them very difficult or impossible in some cases, and impede the work of endocrine and thyroid glands, and this result emerged according to studies conducted by the United States of America.
Damage to ground soybeans
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