Get rid of bed bugs

Some methods will be more useful than other methods, high temperature using a clothes dryer or high temperature, or plastic bags under The sun or car is closed.

Cold temperatures may exist, and this method may work indoors in the refrigerator provided that the temperature is below zero and the bed bugs should be left at this low temperature for at least four days.

 Steam Spray Center on Bugs: You may be able to get a simple machine capable of producing hot steam from electrical appliances shops, can also convert a simple electric kettle to a steam tool by connecting a flexible tube, this steam kills all bugs and eggs.

 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner This method helps to extract a large number of bugs and eggs and spread them, focusing on suction in narrow spaces, lines and small spaces, then unloading the contents into a suitable bag and sealing it. Note that these non-chemical methods are useful to reduce the number of bugs by a large but unlikely rate. Dispose of them permanently.
Get rid of bed bugs
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