Tomato storage methods

Tomato is one of the most important materials used for cooking in all houses are used for the work of the authorities or used as pasta sauce and others and therefore it is important to provide in each house to work recipes and different eating and because of the high price in some seasons it is best to buy when the price is low in large quantities and store.

First, cook the tomatoes. Wash the tomatoes and cut into half or four parts and place in a large amount on the fire. Leave on low heat until boil and do not stick. After boiling you will notice that the tomatoes became liquid and melted completely until their skin melted. Raise the tomatoes, which have become liquid from the fire and put in the blender and hit a light strike.

Second, set aside until cool and then packed in bags and placed in the freezer. Peeled tomatoes This method can store tomatoes for one full year without having to put them in the refrigerator, but must be followed carefully so as not to spoil, and fresh red tomatoes are washed.

Third, put a pot of water on the fire, leave to boil and put cold water in another pot and leave aside. Using the knife the + signal is made at the bottom of the tomato. Put the tomatoes in boiling water for only 25 seconds, then transfer the tomatoes to the pot with cold water. This way to remove the tomato peel easily and do not want to cook the tomatoes.

Fourth, remove the tomato peel and set aside. Prepare the glass containers where the tomatoes will be placed, and sterilize them by placing them in a pot of water on the fire so that the cans are immersed and leave boiling for ten minutes. It is important to pay attention to the use of metal and non-plastic covers so as not to melt on the fire. Fire carefully and put on pieces of cloth to be covered with water. The tomatoes are sliced ​​into halves, placed in a strainer and placed under a large pot strainer.

Fifth, take the water that came from the tomato in the container and before packing the glass cans with tomatoes, put in each pack half a teaspoon of salt because it will be a preservative for tomatoes The bottles are filled with tomatoes and the need to empty the air by moving them until the air bubbles from Caddy.

After packing the cans, place in a pot of water over the fire for three minutes. This makes the cans ready and reserved outside the refrigerator and prefer to paste a paper on each pack with the date of the work of tomatoes.
Tomato storage methods
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