Treatment of heart palpitations

 In order to treat this condition without medication, follow the instructions below. Be calm and get away from the causes of anxiety. When you are concerned, alert yourself and stop what you are doing. Try to relax and relax.

The pacemaker and the strength of constriction are the nerves (symbiotic and parasympathetic) or the distal nerve. At the moment when the heart beats, the sympathetic nerve is dominant. In the human to reduce the strength of the heartbeat, the control is transferred to the paracetamus nerve. Take a deep breath to relax your nerves and calm down.

 Carotid artery massage: This method is another maneuver for the umbilical nerve, and this is done with the artery at the neck under the jaw away until the heartbeat subsides. Immunization of the face with icy water to alert the body and get a strong reaction: scientifically known that the mammals slow heartbeat when diving into the cold water automatically, and this method urges the brain to slow the heartbeat to protect the heart and brain, to be immersed the head with ice water for a few seconds.

Refrain from stimulants such as coffee, chocolate, tea, soft drinks, slimming pills: This can be the reason for the situation enough to refrain from fading. (Specifically under the hypothalamus) and to control the nervous system must be aware that the brain is the first control, you should pay attention to food and exercises to maintain its stability, it is the end of the control of the heart.
Treatment of heart palpitations
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