Treatment of varicose veins

In order to treat varicose veins, you can wear compression socks. These socks are worn when you wake up and go to sleep. You can remove them during sitting for long periods. The patient must respond to him if he stands on his legs and walks through them regardless of the length of the stand. After performing any activity on the legs without these socks, sit for 15 minutes to 20 minutes, raise his feet up, and then wear the socks while he is sitting.

You can also inject this method according to severity, in the case that the hairs are small, and there is no significant damage in the large vein sap located in the thigh, the treatment of varicose veins injection of one of the veins that suffer from the disease, and can be injected with ultrasound there are many capillaries that do not Because of their presence under the skin tissue of the naked skin varicose veins, these veins are injected by needle through the use of ultrasound, without the need for any operations.

The hook can be used and this method is used for infected blood capillaries larger than 3 mm by making a small hole in the skin by the hook. This is a good method of eliminating varicose veins. Surgery The medical staff anesthesizes the patient. The patient's vein is then cut from the hip and knee area and is loved by a surgical device from the lower leg area. It is a traditional method with a success rate of only 60% and may be accompanied by side complications.
Treatment of varicose veins
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