Ways to increase breast milk

For pregnant women to administer milk to nursing women, care should be taken to start breast-feeding as soon as possible after birth. The pregnancy of the child immediately after childbirth and the attempt to breastfeed is often successful in breastfeeding within an hour, and the baby should be breastfed whenever required. 8-12 times during the day, and the mother must wake her child to sleep to feed him if he went on another breast for two hours or more.

In addition, if the mother has exceeded one of the feeds, she must extract the milk from her breasts to maintain her production, breast-feeding the milk well, moving to the other breast, and taking care to increase the duration of breastfeeding each time.

It is also necessary to ascertain the correct position of the child, which enables him to handle the mother's breast properly, to ensure that his breast is adequately completed, and to avoid taking medicines. The doctor should be consulted if the mother wishes to take antiretroviral drugs. Use it 3-4 weeks after birth to confirm the establishment of the breastfeeding process and schedule it well.

Also, care must be taken to relax and avoid stress. Sleeping and exhaustion can also be detrimental to milk production. Breast massage can increase the volume of milk produced and avoid smoking due to its negative effects on the amount of milk. Care must also be taken to take a balanced, healthy diet and proper nutrition for the baby
Ways to increase breast milk
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