Ways to save grape leaves

One of the most important ways to preserve the grapes of grapes is to preserve the leaves of fresh grapes in plastic containers by stacking the leaves of fresh grapes in groups. Each group contains three or five papers, then each is gently damaged. The bottle is packed into a plastic bottle. Using a long, thin stick, push the dough inwards, and open the door to the other. Close the bottle tightly, then store it at room temperature. Keep it away from the sun.

Grape leaves are stored in groups, and half of them are in plastic bags for milling. These are bags with a zipper to make it easy to open and close them. We close the bags and empty the air thoroughly, and then store them in the freezer until use.

There is also a method of salting, where we clean the grape leaves from the veins, and then arrange on top of it, and put a quarter of a cup of salt in a liter of water, and well, and then put the leaves of grapes, and leave for five days. Half the grapes from the water, and note in plastic bags, and we close them, and then keep it in the freezer until use.

There is a steam way to clean the grape leaves well, then we lay on top of each other, and put it in a large bowl. Put enough water in a container of larger size than the previous container, put the paper container in it, lift it on the gas, and let it steam. Wrap grape leaves in tin foil, then store in freezer.
Ways to save grape leaves
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