Benefits of Rosemary oil for hair

Despite the absence of any research supporting the benefits of the oil of the hair, it has been used since ancient times and until now to eliminate the insects that inhabit the hair and reproduce in it, and most important lice, and is used to eliminate the fungi that appear in Scalp, and cause the appearance of dandruff and other hair loss problems, by mixing a little of the oil of the camel with an equal amount of both olive oil and hedgehog oil, and heating it and the individual on the hair scalp for a minimum of half an hour.

In addition to being useful for the skin, it increases the purity of the skin and the freshness, and reduces the possibility of the emergence of pills and pimples on them, where the use of oil on the skin according to the instructions on the packaging and buy from reliable sources, to avoid the cases of allergies and inflammation that may result from the use of adulterated .

It also helps to relieve pain. The palm oil is used to treat ear pain and tooth pain, especially sensitive ones. It also treats headaches, headaches and pains associated with joint and bone infections, as well as the ability to relieve cramps and convulsions caused by fatigue and exhaustion. From where the pain or muscle spasm.

It is also beneficial to the digestive system. The oil of rheumatism eliminates many digestive problems such as indigestion, constipation, and the killing of harmful bacteria entering it, and small amounts of rheumatoid oil are taken to solve these problems, because the plant is poisonous herbs, which causes poisoning in case of increase in recommended dosage As well as abortion in the pregnant woman.
Benefits of Rosemary oil for hair
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